Brown Push Pin Travel Map
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Brown Push Pin Travel Map

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Our Brown Push Pin Travel Map isn't just brown, it's actually full of color depending on if you choose to go with our sample or personalize it according to your ideal color scheme. The sample shown has a water color beige brown backdrop with various green shades coloring the various continents of the world. The colors begin darker at the top and bleed downward into lighter pastels. You can keep this same theme and choose different colors like majestic purple, ocean blue, fiery red and more! This world map will definitely add a splash of color to any room and make for a beautiful center piece.

Push Pin Maps are the perfect way to accent your home's walls. They are beautiful, creative, colorful, and unique! Push Pin Maps come in all kinds of color schemes, themes, and types! We can create a world map for you or a smaller map of the US or any other country, just let us know what you would prefer at check out! We can customize your push pin map with any colors, names, dates, fonts, and even a small message if you'd like! Our Push Pin Maps come with a set of pins that are color customizable! You can keep track of where you've been and where you want to go!

Our Push Pin Maps come in sizes 16x30, 20x40, 24x48, and 30x60. We offer colors like black, white, pink, red, navy, blue, orange, light blue, yellow, green and purple! Message us or add it to your check out notes if you would like a different color rather than the ones listed! To get more ideas about what your Push Pin Map will look like, see our Push Pin Map blog post!