What is a Push Pin Map

What is a Push Pin Map



Push Pin Maps

Push Pin Maps are all the rage! They make great home décor, and even better gifts for loved ones! Push Pin Maps are great for anniversary gifts, a going away present, a house warming party, retirement gift, a birthday, Valentines Day, Christmas or just because! Push Pin Maps makes great presents for a couple, your husband or wife, your parents, grandparents, adult children, best friend, siblings, or even a well known co-worker!


But what is a Push Pin Map? A Push Pin Map is a beautiful canvas print of a map that can be used to mark places you've travelled or places you'd like to go! With the ease of push pins, you can color code and clearly mark anything you'd like on your personalized push pin map! 

Now let's talk customization! A push pin map can be customized to represent the whole world or a specific country... even a singular state if you so wish. Push Pin Maps can be accented with various colors depending on the theme of your home, various fonts, and even names dates or a short and special message!

Push Pin Maps are commonly used as wedding gifts for newly wed couples. Our Push Pin Maps can be personalized with the couples name, anniversary date, and even a short message to celebrate their special day. These Push Pin Canvas Maps make great wedding presents because married couples typically take their first year of marriage to travel and have adventures before settling down or starting a family. As time goes on, vacations may occur less, but not never! Even with the addition of one, two, or three kids (maybe even a dog) out of state and out of country adventures can still be had! This new family will love marking new spots on their personalized Push Pin Map that they have visited and marking ones that they long to see!

What kind of messages work best on a personalized Push Pin Map? Here we've compiled a list of ideas for you to peruse while you decide what to have printed onto your own Push Pin Map or a Push Pin Map for a loved one!

Personalized Messages for a Push Pin Map

Travel Quotes:


Adventure is Out There

Not All Those Who Wander are Lost

Jobs Fill Your Pocket, Adventures Fill Your Soul

You'll Never Know Until You Go

Oh The Places You'll Go!

Roam Far and Wander Wide

And I Think to Myself, What a Wonderful World

Adventure is Worthwhile

Life is Short, the World is Wide

The Only Trip You Will Regret is the One You Don't Take

And So The Adventure Begins

Wherever You Go, Go With All Your Heart

Wander Often, Wander Always

Say Yes to New Adventures

We Came, We Saw, We Loved

Collect Moments, Not Things

All You Need is Love and a Passport

Never Lose Your Sense of Wonder

To Travel is to Live

Let's Get Lost

Worth Every Mile

The Wilderness is Calling and I Must Go

Spontaneity is the Best Kind of Adventure

Let's Go Somewhere


Push Pin Map Color Themes

Having trouble deciding what kind of colors you want to use for your push pin map? Look to the existing color themes of your home décor and furnishings, or perhaps take inspiration from your wedding colors! Maybe you want to try something fresh and new? Below we've listed a number of ideas for you to peruse when deciding what colors you want to use for your personalized Push Pin Map!

Colors and Themes:

Sunset Color Palette

 Ocean Colors

 Wedding Theme Colors

 Your Shared Birth Stone Colors

 Desert Botanical Colors

 Mountain Range Color Palette

 Your Favorite Flower

 Rainbow Colors

 Winter Colors

 Summer Colors

 Fall Colors


We hope this article helps you get all the inspiration you need to create you perfect personalized push pin map for yourself or a loved one! If you have any questions, message our support team on your contact us page and we'll help you create and modify whatever you need to create the push pin map of your dreams!